TI2 Launch Festival Transcripts July 16, 2003

Title: The Early Bird Gets the Worm (at ENC Online)
Moderators: Gail Hoskins, Tracy Crow

Title: Tour of the Features of the new Tapped In
Moderators: BJ Berquist, Susanne Nyrop, Dafne Gonzalez, Teresa Almeida d'Eca, Rita Zeinstejer

Title: REO meets the Webheads: Experience Our Collaboration!
Moderators: Mike Marzio, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

Title: Create a Synergy: Literacy and Science
Moderator: Jan Naher-Snowden

Title: PBS TeacherSource
Moderator: Tim Walker, Michael Hutchison

Title: Language Arts: Fantasy and Fairy Tale - Beyond Harry Potter
Moderator: Donna Hendry

Title: Kindergarten: What's out there for me?
Moderator: Sue Roseman

Title: Street Law: Using Law to teach social studies, civics, and life-skills
Moderator: Matthew Kavanaugh

Title: Global Project Based Learning
Moderator: John Lindner, Jen Wagner

Title: Multi-Media in the Art Classroom Panel Discussion
Modeators: Kevan Nitzberg, Craig Roland
Panel Members: Karen Monahan, Alex Khost, Kris Wetterlund, Frank Baker, Steve Feld

Title: What's New for YOU at The Library of Congress?
Moderator: Leni Donlan

Title: Targeting Librarians! Using Technology to Promote Gender Equity
Moderator: Lesley Farmer

Title: Social Studies Forum - PBS
Moderator: Michael Hutchison

Title: Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project Meets GLOBE
Moderator: Bill Hilton Jr.

Title: Virtual Field Trips
Moderator: Kim Foley

Title: Collaborative Internet Tools & Sites
Moderator: Jeff Cooper